Second Skins | Leather Class & Vintage Leather Auction w/ Lady Vivus

Join the Leather Priestess & Dairy Queen herself, Lady Vivus, in finding out the story of the life your leather lived before you through every wrinkle, stitch, & scuff, followed by an auction straight from the catacombs of Noir Leather!

October is a time to celebrate our dead. The leathers that we often are inherited hold a special amount of power behind them as former wearers leave their energy behind. Lady Vivus will be guiding us in how to harness the energy of the previous wearers, honoring the animal that gave it's life for the leather, & what it means to wear leather as an energetic shield or magickal item.

After the class, we'll be resurrecting the dead from the catacombs of Noir & pulling out some vintage leather & overstocked items.

Join @NoirLeather & @ShineOnDetroit for this rare occasion to get some quality leather on your backs & buns at an affordable cost while helping Lady Vivus with her educational travel fund to keep teaching classes like these around the nation (& back in our backyard).

Sacred Leathers: Spirituality & Leather w/ Lady Vivus 9 - 9:45

Our leathers can have deep and meaningful stories spanning beyond the initial acquisition of the item. We, as the wearers, are a part of that garment's story. Let's look at how we all can uniquely celebrate, channel, and conjure that beautiful energy with our second skins. This class is geared toward collaborative, spiritual perspectives and is meant for everyone, not just bootblacks!

Vintage Leather Auction: 9:45 - 11

Straight from the vaults of the Elder Council of Leather (kidding), we're pulling out your Daddy's vintage leathers & making them all shiny & new. Unlike you, these leathers aren't virgins. Meaning they've been cherished over time & hold some sexy stories in every pore, gleaming with energy.

We will also be auctioning off some other toys & items that are typically more pricy.

About Lady Vivus

@Lady_Vivus (she/her) is a spiritually & culturally driven sex-positive educator & organizer. Lady Vivus is a Professional Switchinatrix, hucow & Bootblack, & is a self-proclaimed “Jewish American Pleasure Princess” & Dairy Queen.

She hopes to inspire others to enjoy sexuality & dynamics from an authentic place, as well as help folx find their spiritual place with leather & healing within it. Her love of community, education, & sharing ideas with other sex-positive folx is insatiable.

Lady V has taught all over the United States for organizations & conferences such as Kinkfest, Southeast Leatherfest, Sex Positive World, SubSpace, & more! Lady V currently serves as an Advocacy Board Member for Sex Positive World & proudly helps facilitate their education.

Lady V has also served her community by facilitating public health events, most recently being K!nk Out Loud in partnership with The Equi Institute & Multnomah County Public Health Dept. She also serves as the lead organizer for the Salem Munch & Community Co-Director for Kinkfest 2024. She also currently serves as a resident bootblack for the Portland Eagle & formerly 50 Shades of STFU, as well as Jiffy Kink play parties. View her links HERE!

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