Non Monogamy Visibility Week Picnic Celebration

Join us at Edgewater Park on July 20th at 1pm for a vibrant Non-Monogamy Visibility Picnic! Hang out in the sunshine, share stories, and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you're polyamorous, a swinger, in an open relationship, or simply curious about non-traditional love dynamics, this picnic is a going to be a safe space to celebrate diversity and visibility. Bring a dish to share, bring your favorite blanket, and get ready to engage in meaningful conversations about relationships, boundaries, and love in all its forms. There will be panels for discussion, fresh Lake Erie air and good food and fellowship. Let's raise awareness, and be visible in our community. Join us for an afternoon of connection, empowerment, and collective visibility in the beautiful surroundings of Edgewater Park. 🌞🧺 

This is a family friendly event- all ages are welcome. 

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