OC Polyam Fullerton Meetup (Patio)

  • Hosted by OC Polyam
  • Fullerton, CA -
  • 28 people on the list-

Hello! I run the OC Polyam Facebook group. We are a group for ethical nonmonogamous folks and host periodic friendly meetups. Please note this is NOT a pickup/hookup event or play party. We aim to cultivate friendly safe environment for fellow like minded individuals to congregate and have fun. I also have a stuffed T-Rex in the table to indicate which tables have our group if you’ve never attended an event before. 

Join our Facebook group to see exact event location. You will answer 3 brief questions before being added to the group. This is to ensure members are on the same page and we continue to build a safe, friendly environment.

If you do not have Facebook and wish to join the group and obtain the address of the event, please email us at: Then I can send you group rules and have you answer the 3 questions. Hope to see you there!

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