• Hosted by O.C.C.C
  • Huntington Beach, CA -

We usually have the middle tables reserved.

You know the drill. It ends when we decide—lots of unique pizzas, try the bread knots or salad. The bar has a great atmosphere w/ a pool table (bring quarters) Booze ain't half bad. Hehe. I really only have a few rules.

Be sure to have your ID on you and be kind to each other. Please tip your bartenders. No drama, please. No being banned from other munches. Do not use my fancy pool stick without asking. (Has a black widow on it)

The medium size salami munch(Salami, Cherry Tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil after cooked.) is on sale. Super deal.

Only during the munch. our special Pizza. :3 or try the princess thicky(the thick bowl pepperoni so good)

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