[ONLINE] Beginning Rope with Blue

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VoxBody is pleased to continue (limited) online programming in 2023!

Join Blue on fourth Mondays for a rope bondage basics class, covering fundamental techniques & tying as well as discussions around topics such as consent, communication, safety, and intention. 

Class time is 7pm Pacific and offered via Zoom

--> Tickets HERE:

Tickets for class can be purchased at the link above.

* We will send the Zoom link and password upon registration. Therefore we are not able to offer refunds for any tickets for online classes purchased at any time. Thank you for understanding!

* There will be no recording of this class.

* Topics will vary each month and will be aimed at total beginners. 

* These online classes run in a series of five classes and then repeat themselves. Classes are not progressive; it is not necessary to attend them in order. Attend all five in a cycle and learn different techniques that combined will build a wonderful toolbelt for rope play! 

* You can tie yourself or a partner. Please note that Blue, the instructor, will be demoing ties on herself and it's not always possible to demonstrate the way that would translate to a partner tie. Please be patient and open-minded with the format! Most exercises are planned/developed to be self-tied, but can absolutely be adopted to partner tying, and may require a little of your imagination!

* You'll need at least one length of rope. Preferred organic material (jute. hemp, cotton) at 6mm diameter/8m length, but bring whatever you have to use!

* Depending on your rope length, you may find yourself needing to attach another length of rope for the ties we do in class. Practice your rope attachments here:

About the presenter:

Blue has been teaching and performing Rope Bondage since 2012. In June 2017, she opened VoxBody Studio, the Bay Area’s first rope-dedicated venue and launched a yearlong in-house core curriculum for students to move from beginner through to suspension. Her core belief about rope bondage is that the ties and knots are one part of a much bigger picture that includes focus on communication, consent practices, body awareness and anatomy, and energetics/how we show up for each other.

Blue is an enthusiastic switch, and believes rope education should address both sides of the rope.

Find more about Blue:

IG: @miss_true_blue and @voxbody