ONLINE: Being Barbie: An Introduction to Dollification Fetish

Does dressing up get you hot? Is objectification one of your kinks? Do you dream of being played with? Or maybe you’re interested in owning the most versatile of toys? Whatever your interest, dollification fetish presents a myriad of opportunities to explore kink in fun new ways. In this class we will explore what dollification is, the dynamics that can exist between an Owner and a doll, potential types of doll play, and useful tools and resources for building a better doll.


James Gordon is one of the generation of people who missed out on ancient houses and traditions and grew up learning kink on the internet and in the bedroom in the late 80s and 90s, through friends, partners,, books, and eventually clubs and events. He became interested in Master/slave dynamics in the early 2000s, and over the course of a decade and a half of practical experience and focus on the human mind has moved towards a modern interpretation of power exchange that explodes old myths, stereotypes, and gender roles, to reach for the core concepts of the human need for structure, chaos, dominance and submission. He holds a Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Rebecca Doll enjoys being pretty and pleasing and an object of admiration, and is an exhibitionist pain slut of the highest caliber. They love being put through their paces publicly and take great joy in leaving their audience with mouths agape at the end of their scenes. While beatings are fun, they are most fond of anything that draws blood - either their own or someone else's. Physicality is not the core of their interests, however. As a member of House of Artemisia, they spend a significant amount of their time focused on exploring the more twisted desires of the human mind, and applying their academic background, including putting their Master's degree in Education to use in understanding the human needs for control, violence, and self-destruction.


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