ONLINE: Bottoming Safety 201: Negotiating Edgeplay Safely as a Bottom or Submissive

Most folks, when they enter a local scene or join a dungeon space, are required to take a basic negotiation class. These classes seldom touch on how to negotiate more intense scenes - or assume that one will automatically have gained the confidence and communication skills to express boundaries while negotiating a scene near the edge of one's comfort level.

This class will address generally asserting boundaries with a top or dominant from a

bottoming or submissive role; but also include safety issues to be aware of some of the most popular "edgy" play - understanding that one person's edge is another's bread and butter, so there is no way for the class to be comprehensive for everyone in that.

This class explicitly covers and includes handout resources and links for information on negotiation for knifeplay, breathplay, a variety of fear play, fire, sadistic floor rope, suspension, and wax; and sometimes more by discussion within the class group.


Laura Boyle is a writer, polyamorist, and educator who has been teaching classes on polyamory, sexuality, boundaries, kink, and the intersection of those on a local level and at conventions since 2018. She is the author of Ready for Polyamory: A Pragmatic Guide to Consensual Non-Monogamy. After more than 15 years in consensually non-monogamous relationships, in polycules that have ranged from temporarily closed Vs to constellations whose shapes are increasingly indescribable depending on which relationships folks consider worth including, she loves to share practical information learned from years of fixing her own mistakes and missteps.


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