Online Discussion/Workshop: Relationship Escalator

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Online Discussion / Workshop: Relationship Escalator on Thursday, August 17th at 6p Pacific / 8p Central / 9p Eastern, duration: 1.5 hours

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What is the relationship escalator?

The relationship escalator is a term coined by Amy Gahran. It refers to the collection of expected behaviors and choices and that must be followed for a relationship to be seen as legitimate. Most of us don’t realize this is a script set out for us— we just feel shame or failure when we cannot meet these goals as expected.

Who is this discussion for? Those who are:

- in a relationship rut; it feels routine.

- single and dating or considering dating

- anxious and nervous about going too fast

- raising awareness of their own romantic behavior and motivations

- recognizing they've put pressure on themselves or others to "ride" the relationship escalator

- want to let go of judging themselves or others based on relationship status

- experienced in managing romantic relationships and expectations

Join us Thursday, August 17th at 6p Pacific / 8p Central / 9p Eastern for an engaging discussion about the relationship escalator. We can share experiences and understand that the social script may or may not be for us; how whether or not we participate does not make us wrong or right or cool or vanilla. Releasing judgments and escalator expectations. There will be a worksheet for consideration.

All comments and opinions expressed in this discussion do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the facilitator. All names and identities are to be respected and kept confidential by all participants.

Suggested donation $10 to cover admin facilitator fees. Link provided upon payment / confirmation of attendance. RSVP by Wed. Aug. 16th at 9p Pacific.

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