ONLINE: Eros Gathering, Sacred Sexuality for Kinksters - Balancing Our Sex Chakras w/ belet dawn

belet dawn, co-founder of the Sacred Sexuality group "Path of the Qadishti" and the "Scarlet Sanctuary, as well as HPs of the Sacred Flame Temple, will continue her series of classes on Sacred Sexuality with "Balancing Our Sex Chakras". She will explain what Energy is, what Chakras are and the various methods we can use to balance them for better connection, sex and scenes.


*Please be on time

*This class will be recorded and a copy sent, after editing, to all class ticket holders.


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belet dawn (Rev. Dawn) has been teaching the Eros Gathering series of classes since 2005, first with her Spiritual Group, then with 'POTQ - Path of the Qadishti, and then as "Eros Gathering" in the kink community in 2012.

Eros Gathering is a series of classes on Sacred Sexuality, Energy Work/Play and Sex Magick, with each class in the series being a stand-alone. This means that you can start anywhere in the series and not be left behind.