[ONLINE] Harm Reduction 101: Practicing Harm Reduction in Kink Spaces with Demo

  • Hosted by VoxBody Studio
  • 60 people on the list-

VoxBody Studio is pleased to announce this online class with Demo (Massachusetts). We believe the topic will feel relevant and important to folks who organize spaces and events, as well as for the people who participate in kink spaces. Join us from the comfort of your own home!

There is immense overlap between kink and harm reduction as far as the values that we hold near and work hard to practice. This workshop is a chance to get more specific and explicit about this overlap, that moves beyond just kink and recognizes that our spaces also engage with a larger political landscape.

This workshop will provide a 101 on some of the core values of harm reduction as it relates to substance use, sex, and kink. 

It will honor the history and legacy of harm reduction that Black, brown, and indigenous drug users, queer people, and sex workers have cultivated. 

We will explore why harm reduction needs a space in kink, how it can exist in kink spaces, and how it already does. 

We will wrap up this workshop with an abbreviated training on overdose response and administering narcan, with specific considerations for overdose response in nightlife and dungeon spaces. 

* We will send the Zoom link and password upon registration. Therefore we are not able to offer refunds for any tickets for online classes purchased at any time. Thank you for understanding!

* There will be no recording of this class.

About the presenter: Demo is a Western MA based harm reductionist and rope switch with lived experience of substance use disorder, sex work, and psychiatric incarceration. Demo frames his kink and his work through an anti carceral lens; liberating his own body through mixed mediums and pushing for the collective power, joy, and autonomy of all criminalized peoples and communities. 

Find Demo on Fetlife - demolition_dirty Instagram - @demolition_dirty