Open Community Game Night Feb 24th

Come gather at the Open Community game night!

Meet up with new and old friends over a game of cards, board games, and community potluck. This is a low stakes, friendly gathering of non-monogamous folk. Who's welcome: Any who are curious about non-monogamy, attending to support a friend/partner, or if you are actively practicing some form of non-monogamy. Experience with non monogamy is not required to attend.

We welcome all to attend, straight and LGBTQIA+

The organizer of this community values consent, honesty, authenticity, vulnerability, kindness, and accountability. You are invited to join us and connect in this safer space we've cultivated. We hope that you feel welcome and at home here. 

NEW ATTENDEES: Please read all of the community rules and safer space guidelines below before attending your first event. 



This is a good sized event space, so we will have capacity for 30 - 40 people. We have lots of tables and chairs, if we have a large attendance extra chairs will be helpful.


Open HQ: John, Rose, and Dustin's home

775 San Diego Ave, Sunnyvale, CA, 94085


Some steps into house


There are no pets here. Service animals allowed.


This is a dinner potluck event, so bring food to share. Potluck sign up HERE!

Your potluck contribution can be home cooked or take out. An oven, stove top, and microwave are available here if needed. All options are much preferred to 5 different types of chips and dip, so please check the potluck sign up before grabbing your food.

If you want a challenge, there are people attending who would appreciate Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, or Low Sugar foods.


Nearby street parking is available


The hosts have some games, together we have more! You are invited to bring your favorites. Games with 4 - 6+ players that people can jump in and out of easily are ideal, but all games are welcome!


Alcohol (if brought by guests) is OK in moderation. Smoking cannabis outside is OK. Cigarettes are not welcome, the smell makes the host nauseous. That said, smoking and drinking are not a focus of the event.


There is a small hot tub available for use on the back deck. Please bring your own towel. Clothing optional. No shenanigans, just hot tub :)




  • Everything shared in this group should be treated as confidential and private.
  • Do not greet people outside of this group in a manner that would out them.


  • Conversations you may feel comfortable talking about or hearing may cause other attendees to feel uncomfortable. 
  • If you want to share details that may be deemed explicit, be aware of your audience and your volume. If you are not sure everyone within hearing distance would be a YES to your topic of conversation, pause and ask. 
  • If you do not receive a unanimous yes, move the conversation to somewhere private or save it for later. 
  • We encourage you to advocate for yourself if a conversation heads in a direction that makes you uncomfortable. For example, you can say: "I'm not comfortable with this topic, can we please talk about something else?" Or you can relocate to a different group.


  • At this event you may see hugging, kissing, and cuddling. Do not assume that what someone does with other people will be comfortable for them to do with you.
  • You may see naked people if you go out on the back deck to the hot tub. Do not assume that a naked person means they want attention for being naked.
  • Always ask for consent when entering someone’s personal space. Examples: “Would you like a hug”? Or “OK if i sit next to you?"
  • If you are asked, we encourage you to check in with yourself before responding honestly with a YES or NO.
  • If you want to connect, but not in the way they asked, you may offer an alternative. For example “I’m a NO to a hug, but yes to a high five”
  • If someone says NO to your request, accept their response and move on. Saying ”Thank you for taking care of yourself“ is an easy response in this situation.


If you feel comfortable doing so, hold space for each other. Holding space means letting others speak their truth, without assumptions, judgement, unwanted advice, or trying to fix them. Sometimes this is the only place where someone can have space held for them to simply be and express what they are experiencing.



We strive to provide a “safer space” for community members. What do we mean by “safer space”?

In short, a “safer space” is a place where behavioral guidelines support each of us in guarding each person’s self-respect and dignity, a place for open and honest communication, where one has the freedom to speak or not to speak, where one takes responsibility for recognizing one’s own triggers as well as how (and when) other people are triggered, where confidentiality, empathy, and compassion are encouraged and difference is accepted.

Our “safer space” guidelines CANNOT AND DO NOT guarantee your safety, nor do they guarantee that you will always feel safe.

Each of us is responsible for setting and communicating clear boundaries when engaging with people at events. All attendees must respect the physical and personal boundaries of other attendees at all times.

Keep in mind that you can make someone uncomfortable without intending to do so. Comments that may seem innocuous to you can be painful to others. Light touch, hugging, cuddling, and other seemingly innocent forms of physical contact can be offensive or alarming when such touch is given without explicit permission.

Pro-Tip for new attendees: Circulate at events. Be graceful. If you’re enjoying talking to someone, give him or her the opportunity to exit the conversation anyway.

We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. If you harass someone, you will be asked to leave and may be banned from future events. Harassment includes (but is not limited to) making unwelcome sexual advances; making comparative comments about age, race, religion, nationality, sexual expression, gender expression, sexual orientation, weight, or lifestyle; touching, photographing, or recording people without their explicit permission; demanding contact information from others; deliberate intimidation; mockery; stalking; following; and sustained disruption of events.

We believe that most people who attend our events do so without ill intentions. However, if you experience or witness inappropriate behavior, please bring it to the attention of the organizer, host, or a person at the event that you feel safe with.

All attendees are expected to read, understand, and practice the community rules and safer space guidelines. Activity or behavior that goes against these rules and guidelines may lead to revoked attendance privileges.


VOLUNTEER at Open Community Events

Feeling grateful for this community and want to do more? Volunteers are always welcome! We happily accept help at each event with facilitation and overseeing the flow of the evening, reading the community rules during opening circle, volunteers to welcome new attendees, as well as dish washing and clean up volunteers.

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