Open Dungeon at Stopgap

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We open Stopgap around 7 PM and close at 11 PM on Wednesdays, for the community to come and enjoy the space. Whether you want to beat to a beat, tie on a hardpoint, wrestle on mats or use the sensual room or cuddle room, we've got you covered! The entire dungeon will be available - tables, crosses, benches, cages, hardpoints, cuddle room, sensual room, etc. We'll turn down the lights and turn on the music to set the mood.

Photography of your own scenes are permitted with the consent of everyone in the photo.

The Venue

This event will be held at Stopgap in San Francisco! While a new venue in it's current iteration, the building itself has a rich history in the kink community. The first floor is fully accessible, with social and play spaces - including hardpoints. Descend into the 3100 square foot basement to enjoy historic equipment that many in the community may have enjoyed in days gone by plus some newer pieces from our collection. There will be crosses, benches, tables, bondage chairs, cages, and much more! @Stopgap is not only located in an important place of kink history, it's a place of history in the making right now.

Date and Time

Wednesdays, 7:00 PM to 11 PM.


Presale tickets are $25 each inclusive of all fees and must be purchased through Forbidden Tickets. The confirmation email will contain the address of the venue. If you have previously been to Stopgap, you may buy a walk-in ticket at the door. Door tickets are $30. Come and find your community and enjoy an affordable kinky playdate at our wonderful dungeon playspace. 

If you have previously been to Stopgap, you may buy a walk-in ticket at the door. Door tickets are $30 cash, Venmo, or Zelle.

We will need a few volunteers. Volunteer for an hour to get free entry. Check the Stopgap event on Fetlife for more information about volunteering.


This is a Stopgap house event organized by the Stopgap team. Feel free to reach out to them at @Stopgap on Fetlife

COVID-19 Safety

We are not requiring proof of vaccination for this evening. If you are having symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or other infectious diseases please stay home and do not come to the space until you are better. 

Consent is Paramount

Part of our responsibility in fostering a consent culture is to provide some guidance to help prevent consent incidents from happening in our space.

Stopgap is using AfterDark rules while our own rules are being finalized. Please make sure you read and understand the Event Rules and Consent Guidelines before you come to this event. By coming to an event you acknowledge that you understand the rules and agree to abide by them. If you have any questions or need clarifications on any of our rules or guidelines please contact us before coming to an event.

Any consent concerns can be confidentially given to the hosts at the event or by email at

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