Orange Alternate Kinksters - OAK

Hello Kinksters! Let’s keep this going! Please join us on the patio of Buffalo Wild Wings for beer, wings, and good conversation with likeminded individuals.

Stuff you might want to know:

Thursdays are 50% off BONELESS wings, AKA Buy on get one free!

Happy hour!!! Ends at 6pm and picks back up at 9pm.

Please come in vanilla outfits as we are guest on a public patio.

We will have name tags, You can put whatever name you would like on them. On the name tags there will be a number. That will be your order number for when you place your drink and food order. It helps our wait staff keep things straight. It also helps ya keep track of checks at the end of the night. Last month the staff asked for phone numbers to put on the check, at the end of the night your can pay your bill online. I thought it was a great idea and there were no unpaid checks!!!

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