Orgasmic Breathwork + Sensual Intimacy Workshop with Self Study

  • Hosted by Self Study by euni
  • San Diego, CA -
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Learn the skills, communication, practices, and need to know information to confidently expand your intimacy journey.

This event will take place at The Rope Collective Studio in Barrio Logan, San Diego.


Our pleasure centers live within the body and expands through our breath. Join us for an educational and interactive workshop on how to use your breath to clear your energetic bodies, charge your chakra channels, and elevate your orgasmic potential through tantric practices of presence and connectivity. This workshop is part of the Self Study Embodied S<3x ed.

The 3 hour workshop will cover:

Soft Skill review + application

Anatomy of the body and it's connectivity including the ways different areas connect to the pelvic floor

Chakra introduction and overview of the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart + throat and how we can use them to amplify our pleasure

Breathwork patterning and how to create your own for greater stimulation

Demos on 2-3 scene types to inspire your own scene creation

Aftercare and collaboratively maintaining healthy relationship dynamics

Open discussion and live Q+A

This workshop is facilitated by Self Study with euni + Dr. Brittney Ellers

*We do not offer refunds. Thank you.

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