Virtual Pre-Party Orientation for "Unchained" (Session 1)

  • Hosted by Boundless
  • 19 people on the list-

Whether you are a first-time attendee to a Boundless Play Party, or have been to many of our events, we welcome you to join us for this virtual pre-party and new-comer orientation for the Unchained Party.

During this session, we are going to cover items such as:

  • Boundless Conduct Policy
  • Boundless Consent Policy
  • Guidelines for Dungeon and Party Etiquette
  • Tips for Negotiation
  • and more

This will also be an opportunity to meet others who are attending the Unchained play party.

Note: Attendance at the Pre-Party Orientation is required for all first-time Boundless party attendees. You must attend one of the three online orientation sessions prior to attending the party. If you do not attend an orientation session, your ticket to the party will be cancelled.