Outing: Strip Club Crawl: Acropolis and Casa Diablo

You are invited to join a sex positive group of people to enjoy a night out at a couple strip clubs! Bring a partner or friend or two and plan on socializing in these sexy spaces. The food is good, the dancers are friendly and the drinks are available.

We'll start the evening with dinner at the Acropolis Steakhouse Plus, 8325 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Portland, OR 97202. The building is vertically striped blue and white. We'll enjoy the performances while we dine. The Acropolis is known for good steaks. There is a $5 door fee to pay to get in. If you sit at the stage near the dancers, it is expected that you tip the dancer at least $1 per song. When you enter the club, make a right to the stage area near the full bar to find us.

At approximately 8:00pm, we'll go to Casa Diablo Vegan Strip Club, 2839 NW St.Helens Rd., Portland, OR 97210. The only sign is on the left that says Live Dancers. The entrance is up the hill. The door fee is $8. If you sit at the stage, it is expected that you tip at least $2 per song. There are many dancers walking around and being friendly. Also, there's a dancer at either end of the stage.

At both locations, there are ATM's and they will make change for you.

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