Paddle Party

This is a vetted event. To get vetted email us at

This week we invite all who are vetted to bring their favorite impact toys to the Bite. We will be bringing a plethora of toys from our collection as well as the Kinky Cottage's spanking bench. All who are vetted are welcome, even if you do not have a partner; we encourage our group members to befriend each other and try new things if they are comfortable.

The same rules apply here as to any other dungeon-type play.


  • Any and All play must be consented to
  • Do not get in the way of other people's play
  • If you do not have the skills do not use them
  • If you have a concern talk to the DM
  • Respect must be upheld at all times unless consented to during a scene
  • No intoxication of any kind

You may be asked to leave at any time for any reason. Mistress Knotty and KingslyKiller will be the DMs of this event. If anything is concerning, offending, or making you uncomfortable please talk to one of them.

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