People Uncorked: Question or Confession

Do you like to talk about sex, but are worried about your friends sayings its TMI? Pull up a chair and join us! All-genders welcome.

What the world needs more of is sex discussions – and that’s a big leap for most of us who have been raised with shame, anxiety, and attempted mind reading around what happens in the bedroom.

Let’s ease into this with a “Question or Confession” session: everyone writes down a sex-related question they have or confession they’d like to make. When your submission is read, you have the choice to speak up or listen quietly as the group talks about it. It’s a lot of fun, and you’ll be amazed at both how different and similar we all are!

I will bring beverages and snacks for the group. Please feel free to bring your favorite beverage or snack to share. And if you're just getting off from work, bring your dinner too. Please try to be on time, but if you're late, just knock on the door and give us a minute for someone to come let you in.

This event welcomes everyone: women, men, nonbinary.

***Please contact me for pay-what-you-can options. We want People Uncorked to be accessible to everyone!

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