Bay Area Poly Happy Hour -- July

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  • Oakland, CA -
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Welcome to Bay Area Poly Happy Hour!

We're a non-monogamous happy hour bringing together communities from across the Bay Area.

  • No cover or cost to attend. (No ticket or rsvp required)
  • Must have a recent rapid test (folks will be turned away at the door without one)
  • Come anytime 7:00-10:30pm.
  • Reach us in the chat or by email at:

Covid Safety:

We had a handful of positive covid cases following our April event, so we're requiring that everybody take a covid test (rapid or PCR) prior to our events. Vaccination is required by the venue. Masks are welcome but not required. If you develop symptoms following our event, please send a note to so we can alert others.

About Bay Area Poly Happy Hour

We welcome all the non-monogamous, poly-curious, relationship anarchists, queer-of-all-sorts, supportive friends, singles, couples, polycules, et al. to help us create a safe space for all orientations and all kink and gender identities. To this end, please don’t yuck someone else’s yum and practice enthusiastic consent [ask before initiating any physical contact (even a hug) and feel empowered to respond, "no thank you" to asks from others]

Poly Happy Hour brings together the Bay Area non-monogamous community, from long-timers to those just thinking about exploring, for an afternoon of mingling, friend-making and catching up.

No cover or cost to attend, but food and drinks are available to order. - If you're able, please support the folks at BRIX 581 who make this event possible. (buy drinks, come hungry, tip big)

About BRIX581:

BRIX 581 is located near Jack London Square. Have a drink and a bite, and meet some amazing folks. Menus will be posted when they're available.

Our Oakland Happy Hour at Brix581 is a full takeover, which is why Yelp/Google Maps/ etc. will say the bar is closed. 


We’re partnering with our friends at Bloom to help people connect before & after our events! Bloom Community is a sex-positive community building app based around events. Match, chat, and meet people before you go!

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