Pillow Talk Salon

You're cordially invited to the Sex Positive World's first ever conversational salon.

Let us Journey Through Time!

Are you interested in learning more about the History of Sex?

Would you like to take part in Sex-Positive Parlor Games?

Do you want to join the Sex-Positive Community?

If you answered Yes to these questions then this Pillow Talk Salon has been made for you!

Join us for some titillating conversations about Sexuality, Sensuality and Eroticism.

About Nixi

Identities: I am a cis-gender, androphilic Indian woman and a sexual assault survivor with a 9 year experience as a BIPOC sex educator.

Background: Neuroscientist, Holistic Sexuality Educator, Sex Researcher, Pleasure Activist, Reiki Grandmaster

Research Interests: History of Sexual Expressions, Neurobiology of trauma and its generational inheritance, development of human sexual and social behaviors like mate selection, mating styles, fetish development and the influence of colonization on sexual attitudes.