Playing Creatively From the Neck Up

Join this dynamic workshop for a closer look on the delightful ways to focus your attention from the neck up to really toy with your partner. This class is designed with a focus on consent and safety while engaging in play with a very fragile part of the body. We're talking cheeks, scalp and hair, ears, tongue, nose and lips! A lot of chemical compounds will have a warning to keep out of your eyes but we'll go over how to safely play with certain chemicals on the face. This class isn't all about painful or torturous experiences as we will also go over the many erogenous zones that can be played with as well. Not only will you hear the perspective of a Dominant who has been in the lifestyle for 20+ years, but you will also hear from her submissive of 7 years as it is important to learn from both sides of the slash.

Discussions will include, but are not limited to:

  • Ways to play with an orally fixated bottom
  • The dos and don'ts of hair pulling
  • Proper face slapping techniques
  • Sexy sensory deprivation ideas and what they can do for the mind
  • Getting creative with a limited area of the body
  • Gear recommendations and where to shop
  • Tons of exciting demos!!