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Lucid Dawn is back to offer us in-person embodiment & awareness practices for the times!

Join us on 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings for Pleasure as a Practice at VoxBody Studio. 

We have a squishy tile floor so mats are not required unless you want one (we get to roll around on the whole floor)!

Pleasure as a Practice is an awareness & movement-based practice rich with celebration of life in a body; sensuality, breath, sound & creative self-expression.

Formerly called Uncensored Yoga, these practices are still uncensored, for body-positive, sex-positive people (or to help you find your way to that)! We will weave in lots of classical Tantrik practices and philosophy, some neo-tantra, and freeform movement as well as things inspired by other healing and movement-based practices.

Clothing-optional, sacred space where all bodies are welcome with non-judgemental loving awareness. Interaction and nudity not required. Please show up as you are and to your level of comfort or willingness.

We operate in a consensual/safer space; please respect this for yourself and other attendees in the collective experience!

You can expect much that you would in a regular yoga class, with more focus on community dialogue and no aversion to movement or practices that are sexy or support healthy sex-positivity. References may be made to BDSM, kink or rope and how these practices can be helpful to our explorations, and relate to various sexual practices & relationships. These classes are NOT a sex party nor is there any explicit sexual activity.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. If you have injuries or medical issues, please tell Lucid and know that the class is designed to accommodate, if not to particularly care for, issues of mind and body. Lucid is a trauma informed and experienced guide.

You can pay cash at the door, but keep in mind we are currently hosting classes at reduced capacity and some may be sold out.  

. . . . . .

The times that we are living thru have deepened this offering as so many of us have lost our connection to our usual sources of pleasure. Dissolution of self can happen when we lose things that we once identified with/ depended on. This in itself is a yogic practice for awakening - to give up these things... Now that it has largely happened without choice, we may have found ourselves struggling with fear, anger, frustration, loneliness, sadness, whathaveyou... &, believe it or not - all of these feels are portals to our ecstatic, blissful nature.

This is a prime time for awakening our bliss bodies and knowing ourselves and life in new and exciting ways. The practices that Lucid has been trained in and further developed and synthesized into a unique offering, are all about living fully, uncovering our innate joy, wholeness and celebrating challenge as a gift to our growth and healing.

Together we will explore the workings of the bodymind, our connection to Self, & our environment. We will creatively, investigative-ly & sensually move the body, expand our aliveness with breath and sound practices, and learn ways to more deeply connect with ourselves for a full, juicy experience of life.

These practices will help us to more fully feel and transmute our emotions. These practices will heighten our awareness of, and access to, our birthright as blissful beings.

These practices are for you, and many can also be done with a partner (even secretly) to heighten feelings of pleasure and connection. This offering will be held in a ritual container, honoring ourselves and one another as sacred (& sacred profane) beings. 

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About the Instructor:

Lucid Dawn ERYT,1000+ is an experienced Tantrik yoga teacher, Therapeutic Yoga Professional, certified Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapist, certified Peer Counselor, & performance artist/activist who you might also know as Nona Fender. Nona Fender has lead classes at Dark Odyssey, Mission Control & East Bay Community Space as well as many clubs and festivals. Lucid has been practicing yoga for 26 years & teaching yoga for 16. She is steeped in non-dual tantrik philosophy, yoga therapeutics, many physical & energetic healing modalities, as well as practices to cultivate creativity and self-expression culled from decades of theatre and other performance arts. She has healed lifetimes of trauma with the practices she now shares to assist others in their own healing & the unfolding of their innate fullness. She brings love for all beings, her desire to live fully, and to explore all aspects of being into her teaching. Her classes have been described as "the sweetest ass kicking ever".


4120 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA, 94609

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