POC Authentic Relating with Ahran Lee

  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

Are you someone who identifies as a person of color (POC) who craves authentic connection, depth filled conversations, and a space to explore relationship to self and others? Are you searching for conscious POC community spaces? POC Authentic Relating (AR) provides all of the aforementioned and beyond.

AR is a social technology where we explore relational mindfulness in real time. AR practices create a brave, intentional space, rooted in play and supported by clear boundaries, to create meaningful and enjoyable connections to self and other.

Some of the many benefits of Authentic Relating:

✨Cultivate emotional intelligence

✨Increase in self and social awareness

✨Acquire ability to be present

✨Feeling seen and heard

This is a space where you’ll get to explore what authenticity means to YOU and receive thoughtful reflections on how your authenticity impacts the people you are in connection with. True authenticity can’t be cultivated in a silo. We need the mirroring of others to help us see who we authentically are. No one can tell you what is authentic for you but we can learn how to better discover and activate it in community. This is liberation practice in real time.

Please join me in this playful space that’s just for us and discover the dynamic and joyful practice of Authentic Relating!

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