Poly Alt Parenting Brunch

  • Hosted by Poly Alt-Parenting
  • Berkeley, CA -
  • 126 people on the list-

This mixer is for non-monogamous people (and allies!) who want to explore alternative parenting and build non-traditional families. Parents and prospective parents/co-parents are welcome. Kids are welcome. There is a playground.

We’ll have a brief opening circle at 10:30am so participants can introduce themselves. The rest of the event is unstructured.

Please bring a food / beverage item to share.

Since alt-parenting is a broad category, here are some examples of who might benefit from this event:

  • Communal Living Parents: You’re a parent / prospective parent looking to create a co-living situation where other parents and kids can live under a single roof
  • Poly Partners: You’re romantically involved with 1+ poly parent, and you’re eager to become a co-parent or strengthen your relationships with their kids
  • Platonic Parents: You’re a parent / prospective parent looking to find a co-parent without romantic attachment
  • Alternative Child-Having Options: You’re interested in adoption, fostering, or alternative fertility options such as IVF, sperm donation, or egg donation.

Or maybe you’re curious about a different type of non-traditional family model not listed here — you’re still welcome to mingle and we’d love to hear your ideas.

Since this is outdoors, there are no specific COVID policies. You’re welcome to mask, keep distance, or follow whatever COVID precautions feel most comfortable to you.

If you have questions, please ask your co-hosts, Gea Darling or Amanda Bullington, or pop your questions in the Bloom chat.

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