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poly poly oxen free is a live dating show in which a contestant’s current partner helps them find new loves. On each show, we get to know one lucky contestant and a pool of eligible poly folks. Then we kick the main contestant out of the room to let their partner do the matchmaking. Upon their return, the contestant faces a tough decision: will they follow their partner's recommendation on who they should date, or make a gamble? Will they find the loves of their life? Will we all just hook up after the show anyway?

Created by Rose Oser, the producer and host of Tinder Disrupt, the show introduces audiences to a fresh dating experience, breaking the rules of conventional coupling. Riffing on the format of Tinder Disrupt, this show opens with the same powerpoint dating format but with a twist: the main contestant is pitched to the crowd by the person who knows them best, their current partner (or one of them, at least).

Thursday, May 16 at 8pm at Brooklyn Art Haus

$20 tix

Follow @polypolyoxenfree on instagram for more details and the application form to get on stage. The name of the show is inspired by the phrase "olly olly oxen free!" as we are calling on fellow poly folks to come out to play. Monogs and poly-curious folks, you’re invited too.