Poly Process Group

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Poly Process Group Description

Loving more than one person and being open about it is a beautiful thing…but it can also be complicated!

This lifestyle is not for the weak! We are strong, resilient, self-aware and always striving to be the best communicators we can be. And yet, ironically, at times being poly can feel lonely! We may wonder:

🤔 “Am I the only one who feels this way?”

🤔 “Is this jealousy “normal,” healthy and okay?”

🤔 “Is compersion real or just a poly fairy tale?”

🤔 “Are my rules the same as other poly people’s rules?”

I feel you. Which is why I started this group.

💖 Are you poly or poly curious?

💖 Do you crave connection with other poly people who are willing to be vulnerable and share themselves?

💖 Are you willing to listen from the heart and give reflections as opposed to trying to “fix” others?

Yes, yes and yes? We’d love to have you!

At Poly Process Group we strive to be out of our heads and in our bodies, speaking and sharing from the heart, and, on the flipside, listening and sharing reflections from the heart. This is not a theoretical conversation, but one of intimacy, transparency, support and caring.

This is potluck style, please bring something yummy and satisfying to the tummy! I will be making a main dish, probably soup to warm our belly's with this cold weather.


🥤A container with a lid for drinking water

🍱 Something yummy to Share

🧦 Socks if your tootsies get cold as we are a shoes free household




Please text Christina at 310.906.0788 to obtain the address as this is a private home. If we do not know one another I will ask for a short phone conversation.


6:45pm: Doors open

7:00pm: Circle up and hear the set-up for the evening

7:15pm-ish: Shares begin

7:40/8pm: 30-minute break for food and mingling

8pm/8:30 Last 30 minutes of shares


Please do not come to our group if you are not feeling well. We wish you well but want everyone to be feeling good!


This is a private residence in San Pedro. This is a shoes-off household with 2 dogs and 2 cats.


Hi! I’m Christina! I’ve been poly/kinky/Tantric/OMer off and on since 2015. My nesting partner and I have been together since 2020. We were pretty much monogamous during Covid and reopened up in 2023. I used to belong to a Poly Process Group that was rich, deep, and vulnerable. Unfortunately. the organizers moved out of state, so I’m starting my own! My goal is to build a supportive community by hosting connective events in our home and in homes in the surrounding areas. Check out our MeetUp Group to join in the fun!

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