Polyamorous Online Speed Dating

Little Gay Book is excited to offer our popular Personalized Speed Dating event in an easy-to-use online format.

Meet Poly People from Across The US and beyond. This event is for anyone interested in Ethical Non-monogomy and Open Relationships. All individuals are welcome - Straight, Pansexual, Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Non-Binary, Gender Queer, Women, Men, etc.

These events are a super fun way to meet new people from the comfort and safety of your home and we hope you'll join us. We combine the power of two different technologies to make our events happen. You’ll go on approx. ten 5-minute dates in private Break Out Rooms in the Zoom app. Your matches are based on the algorithm of our Speed Match Software. There’s lively group conversation between each date, allowing attendees to get to know one another even better.

❤ We remove the obstacles to getting face-to-face with someone new and have a ton of fun doing it. This is a great chance to meet other people who are also looking to connect and these events are filled with great conversations, smiles, and laughter. Lots of date matches *and* friend matches - come check it out!

How Speed Dating works:

📱 Using simple smartphone technology, we tailor the event to the age and “type” of person you’d like to meet. You tell us where your preferred date lies on the masculine-feminine expression spectrum, along with their age range. The algorithm determines the best matches possible, allowing for a more tailored experience than random, public speed dating.

💻 The fun all happens in Zoom Break Out Rooms, and after each 5-minute round, you add feedback about your date - Friend, Date, Business, or No Connection). The next day you’ll receive the contact info for your matches.

➡ You will need either a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the Zoom app, and an internet connection to participate in this event. Having both your phone and a computer is ideal 💻📱

💞 If you’re frustrated with dating apps and are looking to meet real people in real time, then this event is for you! In this era of passive online dating and detached texting, we get you face-to-face, with real people for real conversations, real connections, and real 2nd dates.

👏👏👏 Our Events Get Rave Reviews! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Check out what some of our attendees have had to say:

"I had such a great experience!! I'm a newbie and still figuring out what my "type" is. Love that I could meet so many different kinds of people (all lovely, honestly), and I didn't even have to put pants on, or go outside :). I also really loved the group discussions--they made it much less awkward and let me get to know even more people than I was matched with. Thank you for putting so much care and effort into this experience! Well worth the money :)" - Abby E.

Little Gay Book's speed dating events are very well organized with a positive, upbeat vibe. I especially appreciate that the business centers on lesbian/queer culture and that there are specialized events (by location, age, lifestyle, etc.). I've attended a couple of events in person and one virtual event, and each time I've met a spectrum of interesting people. LGB speed dating attracts an intentional and authentic audience. - Courtney A.

I've attended two single mingles and I'm really grateful to the team for organizing these! I dislike dating apps, and this is a nice change of pace! Not only is this a great opportunity to meet attractive queer women, but I've met some really dope potential friends that I wouldn't have otherwise. It is organized in such a way that the experience is fun and not full of pressure. Also, everyone I've met on the LGB team is incredibly nice and welcoming! I am definitely a fan and look forward to attending more events soon! - KA

I have attended two virtual speed dating events and my experiences could not have been more fabulous. I've never seen a speed dating event run like this. You make a profile and provide your preferences and they match you accordingly. So, you are meeting people that you would most likely click with! It's truly spectacular!! And every single employee at LGB is so sweet, caring, and attentive. I highly recommend Little Gay Book in whatever capacity you want to join. You can't go wrong with any of their offerings! - Melissa F

I attended one of the online speed dating events. I had a blast and met several very nice women from around the country. We used a video chat platform and had breakout rooms to meet one on one with our dates. In between the dates, they would ask a question to get us talking in the larger group while the next match was being set up. I was impressed by the friendliness and "normalness" of the women I met - no one that I thought I would not want to have a friendship or at least a casual acquaintance with. Lots of fun. Lots of laughing - very relaxed. Would do it again. - KB

Months ago you asked me to let you know how the Online SoCal Speed Dating event went but I’ve been so busy falling in love with the woman I met there that I haven’t gotten a chance. I’ve been dating Janet for almost three months and we’re both having a hard time getting over how great this relationship is and how it somehow keeps getting better. But here’s the thing… I bet I would have missed her on a dating app. I might’ve looked at her picture, and thought she was cute but assumed she wasn’t my type. But with speed dating, we had the chance to get to know each other a little in the group setting. It was then I realized she was someone I wanted to get to know and hoped the algorithm would put us together. I had to wait until the seventh round but it finally happened. When I got the message that my next date was with her I had zero poker face, forgetting for a moment that everyone could see me on zoom. From the second we entered our breakout room, our connection was immediate and intense and has not let up even a little. We are both so grateful to you, your team, and your algorithm! - Shay