Polyamory 101 Support Group - 10 weeks on Zoom

Join us for 10 weeks of learning, sharing, and supporting each other in navigating the ins and outs of polyamory on Zoom!

Welcome to Polyamory 101 Support Group! Join us for 10 weeks of insightful discussions, sharing experiences, and building a supportive community - all from the comfort of your own home on Zoom. Whether you're new to polyamory or looking to connect with like-minded individuals, this group is a safe space to learn, grow, and navigate the world of ethical non-monogamy together. Let's explore the ins and outs of polyamory, discuss common challenges, and celebrate the beauty of diverse relationships. Come as you are, and let's embark on this journey of discovery and connection together!

When you are new to CNM it can be super tough to know how to navigate all the challenges and questions that come up. You might be wondering:

o How do I know if I’m polyamorous?

o What are the different ways to practice poly and non-monogamy?

o How do I tell a potential new partner that I’m poly? o How do I deal with jealousy?

o How do I come out to my family and friends?

I want to support you in making this transition as someone who is very compassionate to the unique challenges non-monogamy can bring, and who has been part of the poly community for decades.