Polyprentice drop-in group for polyamory newbies


8 Week Drop-in coaching & education group for polyamory newbies

Starting Monday 3/4/24 @ 4-5 PM PST via Zoom (link will be sent manually by me after registration); Last session 4/22/24.

Registration closes 15 minutes before event.

Sliding Scale Donation - $5 to $25

Facilitated by Christina B. Dynamite 

Polyamorous Queerdo in Portland, Oregon

Transformational Life Coach

Topics & Discussions to include:  A-Z Polyamory Lingo ♥ What’s your ENM style? ♥ What’s behind jealousy? ♥ Healthy Boundaries ♥ Avoid common pitfalls ♥ Finding Community ♥ Safe Sex & Consent Negotiation

This is a safe space:  

  • Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated.  
  • We can make mistakes and learn from them.   
  • Please be in a private, quiet location for this discussion. 

This is also a brave space:  

  • Connection and growth can be catalyzed through sharing our lived experiences with authenticity, courage, and vulnerability.  
  • Plan to be on video on during the discussion to facilitate connection and transparency.  
  • Please do not use mind-altering substances prior to or during the discussion group.