Portland Polyamory 2nd Friday Meetup

  • Hosted by Portland Polyamory
  • Portland, OR -
  • 16 people on the list-

This is a social meet and greet type meetup. We strive for a fun, friendly and possibly flirty but never cruisy atmosphere. It's a great place to meet many types of friendly non-monogamous people of all experience levels and relationship types. We do have a code of conduct, which you can find at the following link:

At times it can be a bit hard to find us - look for a sign with the infinity heart. When the weather is cooler, we try to get the indoor group room if it's not already reserved. If it's not available, or the weather is nice, we'll be out on the back patio, under the heat lamps at the far wall next to the mosaic. If you're coming in from the parking lot, we’ll be on your left. If you're going outside from the restaurant, we’ll be on the right.

The Lucky Lab is a pub, and our group frequently discusses adult topics, so this is an event suited for adults. The pub is open to all ages, so those ages 18-21 are welcome to join us. We strive to create a very welcoming and friendly environment, and try to have greeters available to welcome anyone, and keep them included.

Whether new or not, your Yes or No RSVP lets us know who to look out for, and how many are interested in attending. We also encourage you to join our group on

We're looking forward to seeing everyone!

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