[FREE] Navigating Power Dynamics in the Bedroom and Beyond

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Consent at Bloom

This workshop is part of the Consent Skillz education program. Bloom is partnering with key consent and DEI educators to grow our community knowledge on how to respectfully engage on this platform.

This workshop is free to attend. You will find the recording of this workshop, along with the recordings of all past Bloom consent workshops in our Consent Hub []

Event Description

Based on the core insights of liberation philosophy and sex-positivity, this workshop introduces a basic framework for viewing sexual, intimate, and social interactions through a power-informed lens. It covers the ever-shifting and context-based nature of power, the way power can impact consent, and the responsibilities of being in both up-power and down-power roles. Through scenario analysis, real-world examples, and dyad exercises, students learn the core skills for navigating power dynamics in sexual scenarios: noticing and naming where power lies, somatically sensing when power has been conferred on them or they’ve projected power onto others, and using pauses, invitations, and simple phrases to mitigate possible harm. Students walk away with a fresh new lens for understanding and engaging in intimacy!

Host Bio

Mischa Byruck (He/him) is a sexual integrity coach based in Oakland, CA. He specializes in supporting leaders to take accountability for sexual harm. He also leads courses and workshops on sexual integrity, kink, and consent. He is the consent education partner of Bonobo Network, the Bay Area’s premiere sex-positive community organization, and the official accountability referral partner of The Consent Academy.