Power Play Mix Tape Redux 2.0 [In Person]

PPMT fuses sensuality and BDSM under one truss!

The Power Play Mixed-Tape staff absolutely love finding a way to make all your scenes come true! Dress to feel in your best skin and surround yourself with sensual sex and mind-bending BDSM. The music will be HOT—throbbing beats from 8 to 10 p.m. with DJ ObliqueBanter and sizzling sexiness by DJ Boneman from 10 p.m. to midnight! Surge and doof with us! (The basement will ride a noticeably lower decibel level for your pleasure! Earplugs are available at the registration desk.) If loud sound is too much for you, we recommend bringing your own headphones!

Register Here!

Pickup Play! Are you available to play? Grab a name tag located on a table just past the registration desk, add your name and Top/bottom designation, and/or write a sticky note detailing your fantasy, then place it on the Pickup Play Board. Don’t miss out. Just ask, negotiate, and give clear consent!

FOMO is a thing, but we have time to sling! Take your time to play hard at PPMT! (Know all levels and types of play are welcome!) Let the music groove your body or be suspended from one of our hard points. Make someone dance on the rack or turn them over a spanking bench. Any play sanctioned by the CSPC is allowed at PPMT so review CSPC's Essential House Rules. Expect sex anywhere and everywhere (except the bathroom, aftercare room, or stairs)! If it's going to be bloody, please bring your own plastic/tarp and linens.

No solo masturbation unless scene participants and Event Coordinators give permission, please.

PPMT ran from 2012 up until the closure of our Interbay location in September of 2016. PPMT was selected as 2012 Party of the Year as well as March 2014 Party of the Month. It was the first of the 2.0 parties to return to the CSPC to “Reignite Our Fires!”

Join our Fetlife group to plan a scene or just fantasize! Got something devious or seductive in mind? Email ahead to secure a fantasy needing special devising or to seek EC approval for riskier play.

(Government ID required for entry and masks are strongly encouraged)

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