Poly.Pot.Party. -- September

  • Hosted by Poly Happy Hour
  • Oakland, CA -
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Cannabis Poly Happy Hour is now “Poly.Pot.Party”

Welcome to the Poly.Pot.Party!

Poly.Pot.Party. happens every 4th Wednesday at Rose Mary Jane dispensary, located near Adams Point at Lake Merritt. - We'll have access to their amazing bar and outdoor patio.


  • No cover or cost to attend. (No ticket or rsvp required)
  • The venue is is dog-friendly, but the crowds may be stressful for dogs. 
  • We strongly encourage people to take a rapid covid test before attending but will not be checking test results or vaccination records at the door.
  • Rose Mary Jane offers a selection of cannabis-infused cocktails, edibles, and flower products available for purchase. Smoking and vaping is allowed on the back patio.
  • Come anytime, 6:00-9:00pm.
  • Reach us in the chat or by email at: if you have questions or develop covid symptoms following the event.

Covid Safety:

We will not be requiring tests or vaccinations for this event, but strongly suggest taking a rapid test prior to arriving. If you develop symptoms following our event, please send a note to so we can alert others.


Consent is an important part of the culture of our event. Please ask before touching or hugging others, and only act on an enthusiastic yes.

About Bay Area Poly Happy Hour:

Bay Area Poly Happy Hour brings together the Bay Area non-monogamous community, from long-timers to those just thinking about exploring, for no-pressure opportunities to mingle, make friends and catch up.

We welcome all the non-monogamous, poly-curious, relationship anarchists, queer-of-all-sorts, supportive friends, singles, couples, polycules, et al. to help us create a safe space for all orientations and all kink and gender identities. To this end, please don’t yuck someone else’s yum and practice enthusiastic consent [ask before initiating any physical contact (even a hug) and feel empowered to respond, "no thank you" to asks from others]

About Rose Mary Jane:

Rose Mary Jane is a cannabis retailer whose mission is to promote fairness, justice, gender inclusiveness, and equity. Rose Mary Jane is open to all adults aged 21 or over. Their all-new Consumption Lounge offers a variety of cocktails, mocktails, and infusions, with bartenders who can craft you a unique drink or something from one of their curated partners. More info about Rose Mary

No cover or cost to attend. - If you're able, please support the folks at Mary Jane Rose who make this event possible (buy cannabis, tip your budtenders).

Oh, and please join our Facebook group of over 5,000 non-monogamous (and non-monogamous supporting) friends in the Bay Area

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