Pre-Festival Prep: Building Strong Bonds in Partnership with Cali Couples

This event will take place online through Zoom. Please purchase your ticket to receive the link to join us through Eventbrite.


Pre-festival prep workshop with skills, communication practices, and need to know information to confidently expand your intimacy journey.

This event will take place online through Zoom.


You're headed to a festival?! Do you ever feel hot and tired? Is it hard to communicate? What are your relationship boundaries? Have you talked about your fears and desires? This fun, interactive workshop is designed for all genders identities, relationship styles (ENM, open, swinging, monogamous, solo-poly, etc) and is open for you to attend solo, with your partner(s) or with others in your camp.

The 90 minute workshop will cover:

• Preparing for common festival challenges

• Identifying personal and relationship values, boundaries, and communication styles

• Research-supported strategies that will be useful in all your relationships

• Space for open discussion and live Q+A

This workshop is hosted through INBODY WELLNESS CO. and will be facilitated by Dr. Chandra Khalifian and Dr. Kayla Knopp of Cali Couples.

All registered participants will receive a link to the recording and additional resources made available inside our online platform, THE HUB.

*We do not offer refunds. Thank you.

About the facilitators:

Dr. Chandra Khalifian and Dr. Kayla Knopp are clinical psychologists, researchers, and educators. They are Assistant Professors at the University of California, San Diego where they focus on developing and evaluating couple-based interventions for relationship distress and mental health, including enhancement of evidence-based treatments with psychedelics.

They also co-direct a private practice where they work with people in relationships and specialize in non-monogamy, sexual issues and diverse sexual interests, and psychedelic assisted therapy. They have completed several psychedelic and psychopharmacotherapy training programs including the MAPS MDMA-assisted therapy program.

They present their work at conferences throughout the country and are available for workshops and trainings focused on sexuality, communication, and the interplay between mental health andrelationship functioning.


IG: @cali.couples