Predicament Play - The Art of Crafting Choices

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Predicament Play - The Art of Crafting Choices

Workshop 7:30-9:45 pm - Jam 10pm-12am

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Pagans Paradise Production Facilitated by The Sirenatrix Nix & Rob

We are having a 2-part evening of indulgence and learning. Come for the workshop and stay for the Jam to practice what you learned and meet other like-minded folks!

Join Nix & Rob for an in-depth workshop dedicated to the art of predicament play. Designed for those who have at least basic experience in kink, this workshop will delve into considering the scene as a system and crafting scenarios with meaningful choices. This advanced skill-development workshop is ideal for those looking to enhance their scene-crafting skills. Note that predicament play can be more intensive than other forms of kink and requires a diligent commitment to risk management and safety.

What We'll Cover:

Understanding Predicament Play: Explore the concept of predicament play, focusing on creating scenarios with meaningful choices.

Psychological Impact: Learn how to create scenes that have a strong psychological impact, inducing feelings of helplessness and challenge.

Scene Planning and Strategy: Discover how to view the scene as a system, thinking ahead like a game of chess to predict and manipulate the elements.

Communication: Negotiate and communicate clearly with your counterpart before, during, and after the scene.

Safety Protocols: Discuss the paramount importance of safety in predicament play. Learn how to ensure your scenes are safe while maintaining the intensity.

Hands-On Exercises: Engage in practical exercises to design and implement predicament scenarios. Work with partners to explore different predicaments and refine your technique.

Why Attend?

Predicament play is a unique and challenging aspect of kink that requires careful planning and execution. This workshop will provide you with the tools and insights needed to create safe, intense, and psychologically impactful scenes. All participants should have a basic understanding of kink dynamics, as this workshop is designed for those with some experience. We hope participants will walk away with significant takeaways and a new understanding of predicament play and related risk management techniques.

Workshop Format:

Discussion and Practical Exercises: The workshop will include a mix of teaching, hands-on exercises, and discussions. You'll have the chance to interact with others, practice predicament techniques, and receive feedback. If you just want to sit back and watch, that is perfectly OK too.

Solo and Group Work: You can come alone or with a partner. During the exercises, depending on attendee preference, there may be an opportunity to switch partners or work with the hosts to simulate different dynamics and experiences.

Dress Code: Feel free to dress however you want, whether vanilla or ready to play. More physical play will be saved for the jam afterwards.

Jam After the Workshop:

Stick around for our jam session, exclusively open to workshop participants. During the jam, you'll have the opportunity to practice your new skills in a safe and supportive environment. This is a unique chance to cement these essential skills through hands-on experience, working and learning together in a fun setting.


Workshop: Early Bird $30, Classic $40

Workshop and Jam: Early $55, Classic $75

NOTE: We encourage everyone to have an open mind as this is a fun, open and explorative learning environment. We practice and review informed & ongoing consent practices with an emphasis on mutual opt in desire. This workshop is open to all gender identifications, sexual orientations, lifestyles, and we do not pair anyone as we honor genuine connections that arise in the evening.

This event is perfect and open for all experience levels.18+ for workshops. Refunds must be requested 7 days prior to the event. Doors open at 7:30pm and closes at 7:40 pm please be on time.

Required Disclaimer: It should go without saying, but we are going to spell it out clearly nonetheless: kink activities are inherently risky and safety is something that requires practice and cannot be guaranteed. By attending, you agree to participate at your own risk, conduct your own risk management, and agree to hold the event facilitators and facility harmless for any type of harm that may occur.

Any questions or concerns email

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