Presence Through Play

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Deepen your presence & strengthen your intuition through the joy of play!

Do you overthink things? Do you wish there was an easier way to quiet your brain and stay in the moment?

Learn how to use the power of play (inner kid, not sexy adult) to connect to the same deep, focused flow states as meditation. Through guided somatic exercises, visualizations, art and improv, you’ll explore what it’s like to play purely for the sake of it–and the freedom that comes from letting go of the result.

These techniques work whether you’re a seasoned meditator or have been unsuccessful with traditional forms of meditation.You'll uncover your natural authentic play style so play becomes easier and discover how to use improv principles to create deep authentic connections with others. You'll leave feeling more empowered, creative and have FUN doing it!

Price: $35 early-bird / $40 at the door

Late policy: *Doors close at 7:40pm. Please arrive on time as we will not be able to let people in late once we begin*

About the facilitator: Mike Gillerman is a facilitator, coach, improviser & artist with a passion for flow. A former graphic designer; he now helps others connect to and live from their own creative expression. He's a featured facilitator for FLOWN—a startup that helps remote employees connect to flow states to increase their productivity and has developed workshops to help adults with ADHD increase their focus. In his free time he loves writing music, relaxing in GGP and losing himself at Ecstatic Dance.

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**no refunds or exchanges are available for this event - you can sell or gift your ticket to a friend**

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