Protocols With a Point by Danarama

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Class Description

In lifestyle BDSM or even pro-Dom/me practice, protocol can be one of the most appealing and powerful elements of D/s or M/s relations. Protocols are great for establishing and maintaining a continual (or continuous) thread of obedience, control, and service. They can range from simple and mundane to complex and excruciating. Protocols can elevate consensual kink into an experience that's intensely memorable and personally transformative. But where do you start, and how do you decide what's most rewarding for yourself and your partner?

Danarama shares his perspective on creating protocols that are relevant, intentional, and meaningful. Learn how to be a boss, not just bossy. You'll discover a variety of rituals, etiquettes, and solid skills that can be turned into protocols that actually make a difference. Whether you're new to D/s or are years deep into a collared relationship, Danarama will help breathe new life into your play by giving it purpose through personalized protocols, including position training, essential service, skills transfer, and more.


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Presenter Bio

A lifestyle Dom, performer, and BDSM educator for almost three decades, Danarama directed's educational site (Kink University) and teaches a diverse mix of more than 30 BDSM and sex/intimacy classes online and at worldwide conferences.

He is also a founding member of the Two Knotty Boys rope bondage instruction duo, co-teaching workshops since 1999, co-author of two best-selling rope bondage books, and rigger/director/performer in hundreds of fetish and instructional videos. Dan has also co-directed and performed as a Dominant for websites including Sex and Submission, The Upper Floor, Dungeon Sex, and Sexually Broken.

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