Psychedelics 101: Heal Yourself Safely

Learn How To Free Yourself from Crippling Depression & Anxiety WITHOUT Expensive Traditional Therapy Faster Than You Thought Possible!

In This Powerful training Danny & Vanessa Share how they went from TOXIC to TANTRIC!

Do you suffer from depression & anxiety?

Have you: 

  • Read every self help book?
  • Taken pharmaceuticals?
  • Cycled through coaches and therapists?

Do you: 

  • Yearn for genuine happiness?
  • Want to experience deep love & intimacy?
  • Long to feel gratitude for life?

You’ve heard people say

“Psychedelics are like 10 years of therapy in one night”

Now find out why!

In this free training Danny and Vanessa guide you through the fundamentals of psychedelic healing, providing you with the strategy needed to navigate your inner landscape with confidence and clarity. This presentation is designed to support you on your path to healing and self-discovery!

During this webinar we will REVEAL:


The undeniable TRUTH of how psychedelic medicines can help you live a happier more fulfilled life! Learn the difference between recreational psychedelics and how to use psychedelics as a tool for healing trauma, depression and anxiety.


How to approach psychedelics with intention: Learn the healing secrets that Indigenous medicine keepers have guarded for thousands of years. 


We will teach you our "Trigger, Oscillate, Release" Framework that took us years of struggle to learn: Learn why taking the epiphanies that you have during your experiences and applying them to your life is so important to for lasting change.

We are NOT gurus...

but these methods have changed our lives and now we want to share what we have learned with you!

Join us for this FREE educational training to learn how psychedelics can help you improve your life and relationships.