QTBIPOC Exclusive Rope Munch

Masked, Vaxxed, 18+

Boosters and same day at home testing highly encouraged! We practice the honor system at our munches and rely on you to keep our community safe!


And we’re back with another QueersDoRope QTBIPOC exclusive Rope Munch on Tuesday, July 18th!

Meet us at Shake Shack in Silver Lake from 7:30pm - 10pm for rope-tastic conversations, optional food and drink, and other QTBIPOC folx!


If the weather is bad, we'll move indoors. Keep on the lookout for a Progress Pride Flag on the side patio to join the group!


Street parking is available on the side streets. Public transit is also available and drops off within one block. The space is ADA compliant with no steps to enter the outdoor patio space.


Commonly asked questions:

Who is hosting this?

  • Queers Do Rope is organized by Azure, she/they (@bleuwolferopes), and Bernie, she/her (@ropesongs), two QTBIPOC rope switches who wanted to see more spaces for themselves and folx like them in the larger LA rope community.

Can my non-bipoc or non-q/t partner join the munch if they are accompanying me?

  • While your partner is wonderful (cause why would you choose someone not awesome??), please leave them at home for this one.

Are there vegan/vegetarian options?

  • Yes! Shake shake has options for all! Including but not limited to gluten free/nut free/plant based shakes, fries, and burgers.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no charge for this event. The only charge is the cost of whatever you choose to eat.

Will you be teaching me how to do shibari/will there be open practice space?

  • No. This is a casual hang in a vanilla space where everyone will be very happy to give you tips and recommendations if you're new to rope to LA or just curious what people are up to.

Is this a one time thing?

  • NO! We have our munch every 3rd Tuesday of the month in Silverlake.

Can I bring my mom?

  • If you really want to, why not. Just remember, if they are kinky, hot and available, someone else might end up calling them mommy 😉
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