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~You're invited to a cozy queer & sober community event in a sacred space~ Come listen, read, & connect with bookish babes of the bay! <3

What stories did you hear as a kid? Were any of the characters queer? When all the protagonists are straight, it's hard to know where you fit in the world.

Queer Bedtime Stories invites you to fertilize your imagination with poetry, memoirs, and history from LGBTQ+ ancestors and contemporary creators. Together we will uncover the richness of our shared heritage and glimpse the blossoming future of queerdom.

You may come just to listen or bring a reading to share! Readings should be 1-8 minutes long, any genre, and be written by an LGBTQ+ author or center on queerness. Original work is more than welcome!

Doors open at 7:30pm, and the readings start at 8pm.

This event marks the first time Queer Bedtime Stories will be held in a house of worship. To be frank, most queer people have extremely good reasons to cast a side-eye at Christian churches. That said, the community around Good Shepherd Episcopal has actively embraced LGBTQ+ folks for decades and is currently led by Molly Haws, an ordained lesbian vicar. Given the church's history of celebrating queer spirituality, this may be a great opportunity to access healing as we express ourselves and wholly embody our queerness within this gorgeous, Victorian gothic treasure of a church.

(I'm not kidding about the embodiment, by the way...I've been told someone in our community is preparing a poem/belly-dance number just for the occasion!)

All queer adults are invited to attend. No one will be turned away for lack of funds (email if there are no free registrations left).

Accessibility: Good Shepherd Episcopal church is accessible to wheelchairs and has one accessible bathroom. Incense will be burned during this event.

Good Shepherd is a theologically and socially progressive community that affirms the individual worth of every human being as a beloved child of God, regardless of creed, class, race, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, or any other criteria used by humans to judge one another. We practice radical inclusivity and encourage real discussion about faith, hope, love, and life. All are welcome!


A personal note from organizer Scott Sessions:

As the community practice approaches its 4th anniversary, Queer Bedtime Stories is popping up at a sacred site dear to my heart.

Many of the skills and sensibilities now evident in my ministry were developed while worshipping at Good Shepherd from 2015-2020. As an out queer and agnostic young man, I was consistently supported as I facilitated small group ministries, wrote alternative liturgies, and -- accompanied by queer clergy and friends -- tiptoed through religious trauma back to an authentic connection with divinity.

Although I no longer find home within the Christian faith, Good Shepherd stands out as a shining, exceptional, and humble waystation for wandering souls. It's an honor to host Queer Bedtime Stories within her hallowed walls.


Queer Bedtime Stories was created in 2020 by Scott Sessions, a spiritual life coach and facilitator of transformative events. Scott hosts at least two community QBS events in the Bay Area each month (check the Linktree for upcoming events). He also offers workshops for professional and community groups. Visit Scott's website to learn about booking a QBS workshop or email Scott at

Scott Sessions offers 1-on-1 life coaching for anyone who has left a restrictive religion and wants to heal, reclaim their life, and foster inner peace through personal ritual and effective spiritual practices. As a queer man who was raised orthodox Mormon, Scott has no agenda besides helping others claim their authentic spiritual path. Visit Scott's website to learn more about spiritual life-coaching.

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