Queer Bedtime Stories (Online)

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Tune into the coziest, queerest event from the comfort of your home! QBS Online is a community live-reading event for all LGBTQ+ adults.

This is the bedtime stories reboot you've dreamed of: all the stories are queer! Queer Bedtime Stories Online is an opportunity to rediscover poetry, memoirs, and history from our people: LGBTQ+ ancestors and creators alive today. Together, let's uncover the richness of our shared history and, if we're lucky, catch a glimpse of the blossoming future.

You can come just to listen or bring a reading to share! Readings should be 1-10 minutes long, be any genre, and either be written by an LGBTQ+ author or be about queerness in some way. Original work is more than welcome!

Attendance is free, but donations are encouraged from those who can afford it.


Queer Bedtime Stories was created in 2020 by Scott Sessions, a spiritual life coach and facilitator of transformative events. Scott hosts at least two community QBS events each month, and offers an elevated workshop version for LGBTQ+ associations (non-profit/corporate employee resource groups, professional groups, college pride clubs, etc). To talk about booking a QBS workshop for your queer professional or community group, email Scott at

Scott also offers one-on-one life coaching for anyone who has left a restrictive religion and wants to reclaim their life path through customized ritual and intuitive spiritual practices that are authentic and help foster inner peace. As a queer man who was raised orthodox Mormon, Scott has no agenda except helping you claim your own spiritual freedom. To discuss spiritual life-coaching, book a discovery call with Scott.