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Are you looking to connect on a deeper level with yourself and others?

Are you tired of missed opportunities and superficial conversations?

Join us for an evening of real conversations that enliven, enrich and elevate us!

Enjoy making new friends that expand your community while also learning how to create meaningful connections, fast.

This experience will unlock your social superpowers and create authentic relationships that leave a lasting impact.

Leave with new connections and tools to transform your ability to build genuine relationships.

Who should join this group?

This mindfulness group is an antidote for those looking for a community where we can connect in meaningful ways, empower ourselves through self-discovery/self-growth, and explore mindfulness together as a community. This is a safe space to share yourself within a community of open-minded individuals with live meditation, personal prompt exercises for inner growth, and authentic relating.

What will we do at the events?

We will start with a group exercise where we introduce each other to get comfortable with one another. Then, I will guide you through authentic connection prompts to truly get to know one another while having fun, laughing, and connecting on a deeper level. We will then finish our session with a sound bath meditation.

What should you bring?

Love, Vulnerability, and Authenticity.

Bring yourself, a partner, or a friend.

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