Queer Field Day

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Tug-of-War, Capture the Flag, Relay Races, Queer People!! Come join us the week before NYC Pride to make new friends, Tug-of-War, Capture the Flag, Relay Races, Queer People!! Come join us the week before NYC Pride to make new friends, play a ton of games, and create memories that'll last forever <3


Our Queer Field Day will be Queer Athena's largest endeavor yet! This is still a FREE EVENT, so if you'd like to simply hang out, RSVP with the *PICNIC* Admission! However if you'd like to compete with us, RSVP with the FIELD DAY Admission sliding scale tickets! Join Athena, Zach and so many others from the queer community at Long Meadow in Prospect Park for an amazing and fun time! We'll have snacks, drinks, vendors and ofc GAMES! This is a 420 friendly event!🍃

Location may be slightly moved due to insufficient space on day of - make sure you are receiving emails from Queer Athena and checking our IG stories to stay up to date on the exact location! (Check spam if you have not gotten confirmation emails or newsletters in the past if signed up)

We’ll be splitting participants into 6 teams ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 (join in only as much as you want to) where you’ll compete for points in 6 main activities throughout the day. Show your team spirit by dressing in your team color, which will be assigned within 5 days of the event! We will also have some colored bandanas and body paint available for you! Team assignment will be randomized unless you are recruited by a color leader. If you'd and a friend would like to be on the same team, please email us by June 12th!

To all vendors wanting to participate: please DM us on Instagram @queer_athena to inquire about this event! Vendor fees apply. Discounted fees for vendors at previous Queer Athena events!


Six-Legged Race! - A spin on the typical three-legged race, this race will include three people on a team!

Clothing Drive Fashion Contest!

Queer Objects!

Crazy Relay Race!


6-way Capture the Flag!


Giant Rainbow Jenga

Card Games



Kan Jam



Queer Athena has reserved a spot in NYC PRIDE on Sunday, June 25th! We have a capacity of 50 people who can join our section of the march - so if you'd like to join, please RSVP here. We will be creating a beautiful banner together, and whether or not you can join us for the march, you'll be able to add your own mark! Come add your beautiful designs and loving messages to our banner!


Queer Athena and its hosts, organizers and volunteers are not responsible for any bodily injury incurred at this event. By attending this event, you acknowledge that you are responsible for your own self, your actions, and any belongings you may bring. Queer Athena will provide medical supplies for emergency use on the day of the event, and will have professionals trained with medical knowledge available on site. Please be respectful of all other participants and organizers while attending this event.