Queer + Kinky Crafting SFV Munch

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*You are able to purchase tickets upon arrival!

Queer + Kink Friendly Munch in the SFV hosted by Bloom Ambassador Miss Mara. This will be a monthly gathering on Thursdays at Macleod's Brewery in Van Nuys. Parking is sparse, so come early, or if you are ok walking a couple of blocks there are some metered and unmetered within the radius. Better yet, have a DD or Uber / Lyft if you plan on indulging in their delicious beers! Please Note: Kids and pets are allowed at this venue, so be as discreet as possible. 

We will be crafting with a different theme each month - tickets are sold to compensate for purchasing supplies and for coordinating the event. If you don't feel like crafting, there are darts, cornhole, and foosball available to interact with your fellow Kinksters! You DON'T have to be Queer or Kinky, and you can come and craft with an open mind and heart wanting to learn about both spaces. Closing time is 12 Midnight and Kitchen is open until 10PM.


Although this brewery allows all ages, this event is 18+ only due to the subject of BDSM.


Vanilla clothing only - subtle collars + jewelry / accessories ok.  


I will be wearing an artist beret hat. Please come find me or My assistant AV and We will be checking tickets, assigning name tags, and handing out crafts!


We will be on one of the patios or inside if the weather acts up.


Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Absolutely no sexual or kinky activity at or near the event, and please do not invite or bring anyone who you have not personally vetted. Overly aggressive attendees will be spoken to and drunkards will be sent home with a notation for future gatherings. If you do feel uncomfortable with a certain situation, please raise your hand or come to Me or AV and We will do Our best to settle and diffuse.


I will not tolerate any discrimination or shaming of any kind. Subject to any combinations of these will result in a ban from future events. The purpose is to get to know one another and learn from those you speak to.  


There are NO cancellations or refunds for this event at this time as previously mentioned, costs will go to supplies and coordinating the event. However, you can reach out to Miss Mara if you want to transfer your ticket to the following month!

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