Queer Massage a Trois

Welcome to our first Queer Massage a Trois!

This is a member-only event. To become a SPLA member go to -

Email us at if you have any questions.

It's been a long week and you're worn out. Don't you want to meet up with your people for an awesome night of sensi-sexual massages? We want to see you! Come on out with willing hands and body and connect with us for this month's Queer-focused Massage-a-Trois! Allies are welcome. :)

The Massage-a-Trois is a sexy event where we come together to give and receive touch and massage in rotating groups of three. We'll start with a demonstration of clarification of boundaries as they apply to the massage table, the givers, and the receivers wants and needs. Sounds fun right? Well, get your butts out here, and let's Massage-a-Trois the night away!

EACH person should bring one of the following:

• a healthy dish to share

• something comfy like a robe or sarong

• a sheet or a really GIANT towel to use as a sheet

• massage oil if you don't like coconut oil

• a bag that closes to confine your MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) from spreading underfoot

About the Venue

There are stairs going up to the venue but a ramp can be provided. Lighting will be low and music won’t be loud.

NOTE: This event will be held at a private home where cats and dogs live.


In order to go to the event, ALL attendees (yes including partners) must be members and need to have taken at least two out of the four core classes from SPLA/SPW/SPP, the Awesome Boundaries class and one of the other core classes. To become an SPLA member, go here.


6:00PM - Arrive and Mingle 6:30PM - Opening Circle (doors locked please don't be late!) 7:15PM - L2 (10 minute massage round) 7:45PM - Bio-break 8:00PM - L3 (20 minute massage round) 9:00PM - Closing Circle 09:30PM - Event ends

Look forward to seeing ya'll there! 💕

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