Queer open forum discussion and social mixer gathering

  • Hosted by Katerina Phoenix
  • Carlsbad, CA -
  • 11 people on the list-

We will begin with an open style discussion. Any queer-related topic is welcome. Some examples include coming out, life challenges as a queer person, relationships, being trans, finding self-love and self-acceptance and finding personal freedom and power and more. Bring your burning desires to discuss. This is a great way to gain support in any area of your life related to being queer, trans, gay etc as well as meet others of a similar mindset or life circumstances. 

The second half of the event is a social mixer. This is not a dating event but there is always a chance you will make a romantic connection as well as new friends, allies and resources.

Potluck style event at my home in Carlsbad. Pease bring a lite healthy snack to share. Maximum of 35 guests. Doors close at 7pm please show up on time. This is a sober event and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. 

If you are shy or have been on the fence attending an event such as this, please be assured this is a safe space with loving, supportive energy. 

The host, Katerina Phoenix, is transgender and lives a very queer life - in all senses of the word. And they love it!

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