Queer Womens* Munch -- May

  • Hosted by Queer Women's Munch
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 50 people on the list-

This event is for anyone who identifies as a woman, non-binary or genderqueer folx who are comfortable in a space that centers around the experiences of queer women/femmes. This is a safe(r), non-sexual environment, where folx can build community and/or get your flirt on responsibly and respectfully. Transphobia/transmisia and binarism are not tolerated.

🖤 “Munch'' is a term coined by the kink community. It’s essentially a casual social event for kinky and/or sex-positive individuals. However, you don’t have to be into kink to attend this event. Connect on Fetlife here.

💞 We'd like everyone who attends to feel comfortable and welcome! If it's your first time, you're feeling anxious or need a friend, talk to one of the hosts (Shari or Bella). We mark "host" on our name tags. We're there for you, so please don't hesitate to walk up to us even if we're chatting with other folx. We'll introduce you!

🫵 Not sure if you're queer? That's okay! We welcome questioning and open-minded individuals too. If you’re not sure if this event is for you feel free to reach out to a host! We’re happy to give you more information.

🌃 Location/Accessibility: Drexl is an indoor venue with a patio in the back. It's accessible by wheelchair and blocks from 19th st. BART. Please don't hesitate to reach out to exchange contact info just in case.

😷 Be Responsible: If you’ve had Covid or flu symptoms recently, please stay home. We encourage testing before the event but it will not be mandatory.

🏠 Housekeeping: This is a 21+ event. Please be mindful of the space. We want to maintain a positive relationship with this venue. No outside food or drink please. Additionally, consent and the utmost respect for others is most important at these events. Do not touch anyone without first asking. 

🙋 Contact a host: If you have questions, concerns, etc. and want to talk to a host before the event - Message Bella directly via this profile link to become buds. Props to anyone coming to your first munch!

Thanks all! Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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