Rachel Lark’s Guide To Throwing Just The Absolute Best F*&#ing Parties


Parties are essential to a healthy community. At minimum, they help us bond and bring us joy. But a well-thrown party can do much more than that. At their best, great parties can help people become their most aspirational versions of themselves, give them the fuel they need to show up more fully in other parts of their lives, and actually unlock unforeseen growth.

Yet many people feel intimidated or stressed by the prospect of throwing parties, so we have far fewer of them than we should.

In this interactive workshop I'll cover my philosophy of partying, and how I think of party-planning as an artistic and healing practice. You'll learn practical tips like how to be realistic about what's possible, how to throw parties with no money, the key elements of the physical space that matter most, how to write a GREAT info e-mail, and how to turn asking for help into a call for collaborators.

Then we'll have time to do individual work with prompts, setting you up to plan your next rager, soiree, dinner party, picnic, immersive festival, or birthday party.

At the end of this workshop everyone will have a plan for the next party they're going to throw!

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Note: This class will be recorded and available for 30 days after the event for all ticket holders.


Rachel Lark is a writer, composer, and performer known for her incisive musical anthems about taboo topics. As a songwriter she likes blending heartfelt lyrics with biting political commentary as a way of inspiring audiences to dream up a better world. Her mission is to empower people to chase connection, pleasure, and political action. She does this by inviting audiences into a shared cathartic experience of mutual recognition and dissatisfaction with the status quo. In 2022 she wrote, produced and starred in her original musical, Coming Soon which had a sold out run and received a rave review from The San Francisco Chronicle. She now lives in New York and writes musicals and plays.

Lark has toured the country as an independent artist, and hosted intimate gatherings, massive concerts and epic house parties. She's thought deeply about what makes a good event and she's excited to share her knowledge with you.

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