• Hosted by The Alembic
  • Berkeley, CA -

A group meditation/authentic relating practice that explores what is honestly coming up in the present moment as we relate to each other

Welcome to a twice-monthly drop-in Relatefulness practice with Josh Rosenberg and Daniel Ricciardelli.

A close friend of relational practices like Circling™, Authentic Relating, and T-Group, Relatefulness is an exploration of what is honestly coming up in the present moment as we relate to the others in the group. We will notice our relational patterns, emotions, body sensations, and other aspects of our experience. We'll name what we notice and share it with the group to help all of us more clearly see each other and our broader social reality.

Relatefulness has value as a complement to traditional meditation practices. By placing awareness on ourselves, in connection with each other, in a collective group, we can:

  • Discover new, more enjoyable ways of relating to our experience and to one another.
  • Take our personal growth insights and test drive them in an interpersonal context.
  • Find healing connection by being deeply seen and understood.

This practice tends to bring us to the edge of what we're able to hold in our awareness. Because of this, participants are invited to take care of themselves as needed, either by stepping away from the experience if need be or by leading us into a new way of being with each other.


  • There is a large, free parking lot at The Alembic
  • Doors close at 6:35 sharp
  • This event usually sells out — please register to reserve your spot!
  • Tickets are sliding scale, $10-$25, suggested donation is $15

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Josh Rosenberg (he/him) is a certified facilitator through the Relateful Company training program. He has hosted and facilitated weekly relatefulness sessions for a small group for two years while continuing to grow his practice through retreats and regularly engaging other facilitators. Josh loves exploring what's honestly coming up in the present moment in a group of people, and the novelty and relief it tends to bring.

When he's not leading relatefulness sessions or at work, you may find him loving the heck out of music, movies, and comedy, participating in Michael Taft's meditation courses, or passionately following the New York Jets football team despite its many flaws.

In his day job Josh is CEO at the Forecasting Research Institute, a nonprofit trying to advance the science of forecasting and increase its policy-relevance.

Daniel Ricciardelli (he/him) has hundreds of hours in relational awareness practices of various forms, and is a certified Relatefulness practitioner through the Relateful Company. He draws from a decade of experience guiding men’s circles, performance dance teams, applied AI research, and meditation. Some recent inspirations of his are Ego Development Theory, madhyamaka philosophy, and Brazilian zouk. He is known for his steady, compassionate presence and calibrated relational risk-taking. He works full-time at the intersection of mental health and AI as a machine learning researcher.

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