Renewal: An Acupuncture Sound Bath with Arula, Nick, and Kara

  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

Join us for an evening that will feature sound bath and acupuncture

Join us for a restorative evening that will feature an acupuncture sound bath facilitated by musicians Arula & Nick, with acupuncture by licensed acupuncturist Kara Morton.

Renewal is an invitation to remember your infinite self, to dream and create from that place of inherent wisdom and possibility. You will be given space to explore your inner expressions through mindfulness and light energy medicine practices, then invited to surrender to enchanting and ethereal soundscapes - to renew, restore, and realign with your most authentic self.

 Kara Morton, a licensed acupuncturist, is offering optional Classical Acupuncture to work with the Extraordinary Vessel meridians, helping to balance yin and yang energies. The Acupuncture vessels used during the gathering helps move participants out of their minds and into their hearts, where they can feel whole & complete in themselves.

Allow yourself to surrender to a deep state through sound meditation featuring Native flutes, Crystal bowls, Hand Pan, Acoustic Guitar, Koshi Chimes, Tibetan bowls, Rainstick, Ocean Drum, Tuning Forks, Native Drum, Nature soundscape, and ethereal vocals.

*Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, eye mask, journal, or anything else to help you feel comfortable for the experience.


Tickets: $35 Early Bird, $44 General Admission

***No refunds on ticket sales***


Arula is a singer-songwriter, electronic music producer, & embodied-movement guide. She views music & movement as sacred expressions of a universal language; a language that unites and empowers people from all backgrounds.

As a musician and movement artist she values expression as a path to awakening; a gateway to exploring the different parts of ourselves, the light & the shadow, exploring duality as a path to unity.

Her songs are inspired by our collective narrative as well as her own personal journey of connecting deeper to one’s truest self by dropping the false stories that we’ve been told; that by releasing our conditioning we step into a greater place of potential & activation, and this is what is needed for healing ourselves, and our planet.



Nick Johnson is a musician, published poet, and facilitator. He plays various instruments from native flute to hand pan, and enjoys creating intimate environments for the medicine of sound to be received. He currently lives in the Bay Area and co-facilitates a monthly men’s work gathering The Brothership, and is co-creator of a bi-weekly sound meditation experience called Moon Medicine at The Center SF.


Kara Morton is a singer, songwriter, and student of the ngoni, with a private Acupuncture + Bodywork practice in San Rafael, CA. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the powerful combination of sound healing and Acupuncture.

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